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Ivan Rakitic Interview

Transition from Schalke to Sevilla ?

It’s been great! I’m happy at my new club particularly because Serbian defender Ivica Dragutinovic was here and he has helped me to settle and organise my life in Sevilla.


Bundesliga v La Liga

They are both very different. I don’t know which one is better but here in Spain the players are quicker and have more contact on the ball and the level of football is more similar for a player with my technical abilities.


Why Sevilla?

I heard a lot of nice things about Sevilla when I had conversations with my Schalke teammates Raul and Jurado. I knew that Sevilla had a great season last year and it’s a big Spanish club that is going to fight for titles in the coming seasons.


Croatia v Switzernald

My whole family is from Croatia and I really feel as a Croat. Of course, I’m from Switzerland too, but I believed that for my family I had to play for Croatia. I played for the Swiss youth sides and thank them for all the support they have given me.


Biggest influence in your career?

A very famous former Croatian player! Robert Prosinecki has helped me a lot and I have learnt many things from him. He is my idol.


Advice for young footballers

For all young players I always say that professional football is very hard too.People only see the nice things, but they must know that you must be careful with your life and of course work very hard at training and after the trainings!


What was it like playing for Croatia for the first time?

It was a great deal of pride for me of course. I’m very young and to play for a national team is a really nice thing. I have always dreamed of playing for Croatia and it became a reality, one of the best moments in my life.

Euro 2008 was a great tournament for Croatia, do you believe the side will repeat its achievement in euro 2012?

I really hope so. I think we have a real nice team because we have young and good players. The mixture is really good and we have a fantastic coaching staff.



You are only 22 and have already played for some real big clubs and represented  Croatia in almost 50 matches. What keeps you focused

This isn’t a problem for me. As a player you must be focused on your career. You must think about your job and representing your family, club and country the best way possible.


Sevillas plans for the future?

The club is building a new very strong team in order to repeat the victories of the recent past.



Hajduk or Dinamo?

I like all the Croatian teams. I haven’t got any preferences.



I don’t get a tattoo for the fun of it. Each tattoo means something to me and if I get more it will be for the same reason.


What part of your game would you like to improve?

Uff, well to be honest you can always improve every aspect of your game, and I train hard and work on every part of my game. A footballer can always improve no matter how good he is.


Australian football

To be honest I don’t know much about football in Australia but I understand they are a new nation in football terms and they did well in the last two World Cup campaigns. I wish them luck because there is a lot of Croatians living in Australia and Croats have been part of the team before.

 By Alex Milic








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